Monday, November 17, 2008

Thing 8 - Sharing & Presentation

I really enjoyed PictureTrail. It is so easy, and they have cool options to choose from. I tried thumb tacks, but didn't care for it. If something takes me more than 15 minutes to figure out, I tend to give up.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thing 7 - Web 2.0 Communication Tools

At Alextech, email is our primary way to communicate. We use it all the time. I probably help more people via email than I do over the phone. I prefer using email for as much as possible as it seems to be more time effective for me as I have resources on my computer in which to copy/paste, attach files, provide URLs, etc.
I use text messaging for personal use occasionally, but am not a huge fan. I have used IM to obtain support a few times, and I did like that. It was very quick and convenient.
I particiapte in webinars all the time. Much better than driving to attend meetings. Great way to save money and time on transportation.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thing 6 - Image Generator

Neat tool allowing a person to make neat posters, flyers and more, really easy without having to do much work. I could have alot of fun with this! Okay, I had to do this. Sorry Aaron.

Thing 5 - More Fun with Flickr

Some of the services out there are kind of neat and fun to play with, no doubt, but not really sure when I use them, for work, but it's nice to know about them. Applying creativity at the right time is a weakness of mine. The Color Pickr is neat, I enjoyed seeing what photos it came up with for my color.

A30 l-sf2 E30 Capital Letter X on Glass (Silver Spring, MD)
T e40 Educational Block C hh

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thing 4 - Flickr

The coolest Thing so far is Flickr. I may upload all my personal photos, as a backup, and for sharing with family. I found a photo on Flickr that was posted by jacqueline-w. It is just a picture of a leaf, but for some reason, it's relaxing to me.

I enjoyed doing some searches and was amazed by how many pictures came up with my specific searches.

I did create a Flickr account and uploaded one of my own photos. Very easy to use. I have been using Shutterfly as they are associated with Target, and I can pick up my prints in the store.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thing 3 - RSS

I had some knowledge about RSS but never really went through the process of setting anything up. Much better than checking for new postings and updates to sites I find interesting. I've got more favorites marked than I care to check.

Going through the instructions was somewhat confusing to me because as I explored and messed around in Google Reader, got myself confused because I have the RSS icon/dropdown in my IE menu bar. When I used that, I created a list next to my favorites. That was also quite handy as I can flat over the feeds to see if there are new postings.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thing 2 - Library 2.0

I just posted a comment for Thing 2 after watching the videos and reading. Very interesting to read others' posts. I'm really enjoying that part. I liked the Stephen's interview. I like his way of explaining things as well as his personality. Tell it like it is.